This project consisted of moving a production vCenter cluster off of legacy R905 AMD servers to new Intel Xeon E5 VRTX cluster.
The legacy cluster is not compatible with the newer direct attached storage unit. So the need for more storage led us to also upgrade our compute units and downsize the physical space as well.
We have two M620 blades with a direct attached 25 disk shared storage unit all built into one chassis. I will be setting up each host with VMware ESX 5.5 U2 and attaching the hosts to our existing vCenter server then one by one migrating each VM to the new cluster and storage.
One minor issue is the incompatibility of the PERC RAID drive in ESX 5.5. I had to downgrade that driver to megaraid_sas-06.801.52.00-1096283 instead of the newest release, megaraid_sas-06.803.52.00-1742752, because ESX 5.5 will not recognize the shared storage.
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