I would like to say that this is my first post on my first blog. But it isn’t. What I mean to say is that I have had previous sites on previous platforms in my not to distant past that were not well invested in and were never intended to be nothing more than an online contact form, with no real investment. Well, I am starting over, again.

What to Expect

What you can expect to find here, are a variety of thoughtful and informational articles and posts. Some will be purely technical in nature, ranging from how to backup your data and run a PowerShell script, while other posts may include excerpts from different papers I have written on theological topics like; Predestination.

Well those topics are completely unrelated!”, you might say. And in some ways I would agree with you. However, I think that this site may be the small corner of the web that treats these subjects as relatable. For instance, in my current role as a Tech and Media Coordinator for my church, I come across many examples of where technology and theology meet.

One example is in the receiving of tithes, offerings and other gifts from church members and visitors in an electronic form. Questions that arise are; Should we use technology to enable visitors and members to give to the church? Are we encouraging the use of credit cards which is technically borrowed funds? What about the fees incurred, is that a good use of people’s gifts? Isn’t tithing an act of worship and not just sending a text message?

I don’t intend on answering those questions just yet, but maybe you can consider this post a teaser or introduction to some of the topics I will address. Of course, if you are simply looking for help from me as a consultant, that will always be available by reaching out to me here.

For the sake of transparency, there will be affiliate links associated with many of my posts here. Those links will hopefully benefit my family financially.

Thank you for stopping by. Please do visit again soon!


About the Author Turrem.tech

Small business owner who loves using technology to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the joy of all peoples.

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