If you do a search for ‘online giving for churches’ you will easily find dozens of options for churches to choose from. And most, if not all, giving solutions have the ability to use a custom site where visitors can enter their billing information and make contributions to your organization. And many of them will also offer a Text to Give solution as well. Which is just the ability to give via SMS or text message, which is real convenient.

What you will also find is that many of these providers are not merchants themselves so they will use third parties like WePay or Stripe. This allows them to keep their focus on the site’s functionality and keep their prices low for churches. The only company (at the time of this post) that does offer their own in-house merchant services is eChurch also known as PushPay.

So why choose Kindrid?

Well it’s very simple. The answer is because they are the ONLY service that has prioritized integration with our particular Church Management and Accounting system called PowerChurch. One of the most important aspects of a church giving solution is how your church staff will record its Accounts Receivables and report them at the end of the year. So when it comes to church giving and transitioning all that information to your AR software, it has to be smooth and accurate.

What made Kindrid stand out was just how simple it is to export the donations and import them into PowerChurch. Without getting into all the details (seeĀ Kindrid & PowerChurch for more info), let me just say that it’s not as simple as exporting a CSV and changing a few column headers. The data is organized in a very specific way in PowerChurch and in order to prevent hours of manual inputs the integration has to be done well. And after testing about a half dozen other solutions, no one came even close to how well Kindrid does this. Thank you Kindrid!

Security, Security, Security

Lastly, Kindrid is one of the only few vendors who prioritize security. Now don’t get me wrong, all of these platforms must be secure and PCI compliant or they couldn’t be in business, but what is different about Kindrid is that they don’t use passwords. Yes, that’s right, they don’t use passwords. They use a modern method of authentication which means you don’t have to ‘know’ something; like your password. You must ‘have’ something in order to login. What you must have is a cell phone with SMS capability (which is just about every phone on the planet, smart or dumb). So for the end user, it is super easy to login and super easy to use, since all your interactions with the product can be done via text messaging.

Does this mean I have to have a mobile phone to give with Kindrid?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. According to their documentation a giver must have a SMS enabled phone. That is NOT a smart phone just to be clear. Any phone that can do text messaging is all you need. Is this a flawed design? Yes and no. Most people do have cell phones but for those who don’t have a cell phone at all, they will likely have to give via cash, check or some other method to your organization.


My recommendation for churches looking for a giving solution would always be to ‘find what works.’ Meaning, you have to test it and make sure it fits your church. If I could recommend a solution to try first, why not try Kindrid?

Let me know what your church uses and why you chose that solution.

About the Author Turrem.tech

Small business owner who loves using technology to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the joy of all peoples.

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