Making the switch to Yammer is the right move to increase productivity and collaboration within your company or organization. Yammer is also a great way to work with your clients and others outside your organization with the use of private networks. Watch the video below for more information on making the switch to Yammer.

In a Yammer group your community of staff, clients or guests can work together on documents, while chatting in real time and catching up on posts relating to last week’s meeting.yammer logo

Making the switch can be done quite easily especially if you are already on Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud. If you are not already there, consider making that transition as Yammer is included in even the most basic Business Essentials subscription.

I can help make the transition for your organization and help setup your Yammer instance very quickly so that you can begin working together as a community with either your staff or with your clients.

Have a question? Leave a comment below or send me a note.

P.S. Oh yeah, Yammer works with the Apple Watch too.


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Small business owner who loves using technology to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the joy of all peoples.

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