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Office 365 in Windows Store

Now anyone using Windows 10 can download the Office 365 suite of apps via the Microsoft Store. Microsoft initially launched its Office 365 suite in the Microsoft Store (then called the Windows Store) several months ago as a way for Windows 10 S users to get their hands on the desktop versions of Word, PowerPoint,… via ...

New OneDrive for Business feature: Files Restore

Microsoft’s new Files Restore is a complete self-service recovery solution that allows administrators and end users to restore files from any point in time during the last 30 days. Woo hoo! If a user suspects their files have been compromised, they can investigate file changes in Restore my OneDrive. For anyone who has fallen victim to ...


Selling on Your Site: Tips on Using the Payment Button

Using the Payment Button with our site makes selling products and services a snap! Take a look at this feature by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on how to make the most of this utility. Cheri gives some great examples from real users and businesses who are hosting their sites and using PayPal for payment services. Let ...


Free Microsoft Whiteboard Preview

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Whiteboard Preview app—a freeform digital canvas where people, ideas, and content can come together for collaboration.


New to the WordPress app?

New to the WordPress app? Here are five ways to start blogging and interacting with your readers on your phone. Visit WordPress on the Go via WordPress on the Go: Five Ways to Start Using the App — Discover

Share with Anyone | Office 365 Groups

Sharing anonymously with Office 365 groups is disabled by default. And no matter what tenant settings you apply in the SharePoint Admin Center or in the Settings module in the Office 365 Admin Center, you will not be able to share with ‘Anyone’. This is by design and though you may not like it, it’s purpose ...

Microsoft fixing the big chip bug

According to Business Insider; The processor security flaw that has the tech world abuzz is already being fixed for Windows computers — but the fix doesn’t completely solve the problem, and right now it’s only available for those running the latest version of the operating system. The security flaw affects Intel, AMD, and ARM processors. ...


Protect Your Data with Backblaze

Why risk losing your data? Try Backblaze today.

Excited for Advent

Last Year Our family is very excited for the start of Advent. Last year we enjoyed a story called Ishtar’s Odyssey by Arnold Ytreeide which was a wonderful adventure across Persia as their caravan follows a star across the desert. You can read more about this and other books by Arnold at This Year This ...


Below is a great post from USA Today regarding Seven Ways to make YouTube SLIGHTLY Safer for Kids. The last point mentioned is, “YouTube’s not for kids, REALLY.” Agreed! You can read the full article linked below.