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So...what services do you provide?
We design web sites and hosted services like; email, storage, collaboration and many other cloud solutions for churches, ministries and small businesses and organizations.
Do you support SharePoint?

Yes! We can help design, implement and repair SharePoint on-premise. Reach out to us and we can take a look.

How much do your services cost?
Great question, however, this all depends on a lot of things. We like to scope the whole project and give you a quote. Sometimes an hourly rate is preferred so we generally charge $120 an hour.
What happens after the project is finished? Will you help look after it?
Absolutely! We are completely invested in the ongoing success of our clients. We offer a range of support packages to help with ongoing security, support and maintenance.
Will my website work well on all devices?
100% yes! Your website will work great on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
Do you provide encrypted email?
Yes! We can configure encrypted email service through Office Message Encryption which is packaged with Microsoft’s Office 365 services.
How do we get started on our project?
Every project is unique so we always start by gathering your requirements and try our best to understand what the end goal is for the project.
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