Crossroads Health Group, formerly Rippa Chiropractic, is a local small business that operates 3 offices in the Pioneer Valley. They provide Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy services. After a rebranding of their business, they were in need of a responsive website redesign that would explain their services and reach a larger customer base.

The project consisted of a complete redesign that would highlight the 4 major services. When you visit the site from any platform you are immediately given four navigation options for each of those services.


The old website was a responsive design (see below) and this new site will continue to have that responsive access to it as well. We also redirected the old url to the new site so all old visitors will continue to find them using the old site.


This is an image of the old site.

Mobile users will get a ‘Call Now’ button while tablet and desktop visitors will see a different experience beneath the initial navigation. The project took just about two weeks.


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