Office 365 for Wassmann AV

Not so simple Office 365 Migration. Especially when using Thunderbird as the email client.

The Project

Wassmann Audio Video Inc. is out of Whately, MA. They were using an IMAP/POP email provider and were looking to get a more robust email system that would allow their contacts and calendars to sync across multiple devices.

The Solution

I recommended Office 365 as it meets all their business requirements and is affordable. Especially when you compare similar pricing for an on premise server setup or even comparable offerings from GSuite and other IMAP providers.

The Details

The migration was done in a day, and the biggest challenge during this migration was the fact that all the emails were not on the server but on the desktop computers and they were using Thunderbird as an email client. Converting that MBOX file to a PST file so we can upload the email was a unique challenge, but I was able to find an OpenSource solution that would do that exact job.

Once the conversion was complete for each users’ MBOX file, it was simply an upload of each user’s data using Microsoft Outlook’s import feature. The night before we had switched over all the DNS records so new email was already delivering to their new mailboxes.

Have you ever run into issues converting MBOX data files? Or do you know anyone still using Thunderbird? Tell me about it below!

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