Evangelicals for Life 2018 – Be a voice for life

Join ERLC & Focus on the Family as we host Evangelicals for Life 2018. All people are created in the image of God. All people have dignity and worth.

Visit http://www.evangelicals.life for more information. #Life

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Hurricane Harvey | Children’s Hunger Fund

As listed on USA Today’s Top 40 places to donate for Hurricane Harvey relief, Children’s Hunger Fund is a trusted organization helping those who are suffering in Texas.

Help Children’s Hunger Fund provide food and aid for families facing devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Updated 09/06/17 5:45 PM PST CHF teams have begun distribution of resources in Corpus Christi, Houston, and surrounding areas devastated by the hurricane. We are working with pastors to focus on long-lasting relational ministry with those they meet. We have […]

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Why the Nashville Statement is Necessary

A Peculiar Pilgrim

The Council of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood recently released a declaration of belief regarding sex & gender ethics on behalf of the entire realm of Evangelical Christianity. It is called the Nashville Statement. The reason for the ambiguous title is that according to Christian tradition when a council or synod occurs, the meeting place is often used to identify the creed or statement of faith thereby produced. For example, the Nicene Creed was formulated in Nicaea, Turkey. The Canons of Dort were forged in the city of Dordrecht, Netherlands (often called Dort in English). More recently, the Manhattan Declaration was articulated in New York.

These kind of declarations, a clarion call to truth, are not common in this postmodern era. However, they have a rich history throughout the church age. During the explosion of biblical knowledge during the Protestant Reformation many confessions and creeds were put to pen and parchment. Other…

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Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

Hope all is well with you. I know there are some Moms (and Dads) out there looking at homeschool curriculum options for next year, so I thought I’d mention Sonlight as our family’s recommendation. You’ve probably heard me (secretly) mention Sonlight before, but I wanted to pass along some of my favorite reasons why it really works for us.

My kids are getting a great education and loving it … at least most of the time! We enjoy Sonlight primarily because it is a literature-based curriculum, so we read tons of great books out loud together. The kids enjoy plenty of books on their own, too. This way we can stay away from boring textbooks and really engage, through stories, what we’re learning.

That time spent reading together on the couch, or bed, or table, is creating some great memories and family time. Together, we learn so much about each other as we discuss the events, ideas and characters we discover.

The Instructor’s Guides Sonlight provides allows us to just open up the guide and do school every day without spending much time planning. That gives us even more time to play … and keep up with the laundry.

Sonlight’s curriculum also prepares my kids to engage with the world around them. We study lots of different cultures and don’t just focus on US history. My kids know that not everyone is like us, and they’re learning to care about those around them with an intelligent and Christ-centered love.

We also get help through the Sonlight’s online forums, where their curriculum advisors help us choose which products will fit our family. I should also mention that on top of that, Sonlight has a Rewards Program. If you decide to purchase from Sonlight, enter my Rewards ID when you register an account on their site and you’ll get $5 off your first order ($50 or more). I’ll get points that I can redeem at another time.

My Rewards ID: JT20418924

Or just use this link:


Hope you consider Sonlight and our family appreciates you using our rewards ID if you decide to make a purchase.

Book Review | ON GUARD: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision

Book Details

  • Author: William Lane Craig
  • Publisher: David C Cook
  • Category: Apologetics


Reviewed by Roberto Torres

Recommended. Actively defending the Christian faith is something we are called to do against external forces. However, while reading through this book you will find your own internal questions and doubts begin to melt away leaving you more confident in the historicity and validity of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Today’s Christian is bombarded with argument after argument denying the very existence of a God. Arguments from all different disciplines and points of view are piling on reason after reason to doubt that a creator could have had a hand in our existence. From the birth of the cosmos, to the expansion of our universe to very beginnings of life on earth, many have agreed that there is no longer a need for “fairy tales” or “mythology” to explain the existence of the cosmos.

There are now even more arguments that attempt to criticize and tarnish the writings of sacred scripture. The scriptures content, translations, authors and historicity have all come into question year after year, decade after decade to establish them as myth and legend. Critics have argued that if you believe what those text (scripture) say, you have been duped and are not worthy of being taken seriously.

This is the climate in which William Lane Craig puts together a robust and thorough set of arguments that will counter the atheist and leave him questioning his own reasons for doubting.

Things to Consider

Is It Readable?

On Guard is a readable book for someone interested in the content. Those who have a waning or wandering interest in the subject matter may not be willing to put in the effort. This is certainly not a leisurely read to pass the time, it is a very intellectually engaging book that will challenge you.

What Background is required to profit from it?

I personally do not have an academic background and yet I feel that I gained a lot from it. So, with that said, if someone like myself can read and comprehend it, then I think anyone can. That is not to say that it isn’t work to understand the subject matter. For someone who has a background in philosophy or cosmology, the subject matter is very likely easier to understand. Terms like cosmological, fallacy of composition, M theory and so on are not everyday terms that most people are familiar with. Someone with experience in those disciplines will more likely hit the ground running.

What were the Strongest/Weakest Points?

The Weakest Point — Actual Infinity

The argument that Craig is making is that the Universe does not extend into an infinite past, that it must have had an origin. There are other arguments that defend this premise but one that stood out is from a 12th century Muslim Theologian named Muhammed Al-Ghazali who disputes the concept of actual infinity. Ghazali recognized that a ‘potentially’ infinite number of things could exist, but he denied that an ‘actually’ infinite number of things could exist. He says, we can conceive that infinity serves merely as an ideal limit that is never reached. He gives as an example that you can divide any finite distance in half, and then fourths, then eighths, and so on into infinity. But you will never arrive at an actual “infinitieth” division. You can never have an infinite number of parts or division.

Another method used to argue against an ‘actual infinity’ is an illustration called “Hilbert’s Hotel”. This illustration was the brainchild of the German mathematician David Hilbert. His illustration starts with an ordinary hotel with a finite number of rooms and all the rooms are full. Then a new guest comes and asks for a room and so the hotel must turn away the guest. Then we come to Hilbert’s Hotel which has an infinite number of rooms and once again, all the rooms are full. Now when a guest comes and asks for a room, the hotel can simply move the guest staying in room #1 to room #2, and the guest in room #2 to room #3 and so on to infinity.

There were several scenarios with Hilbert’s Hotel that seem to complicate the concept of infinity from a pragmatic standpoint. For example, let’s say the hotel with an infinite amount of rooms is still full, then an infinite number of guests shows up looking for rooms. “No problem!” says the manager and continues to move people from room to room. These scenarios do seem to complicate things; however, I am not sure they convince someone that the concept of infinity is no longer valid.

Even though I qualify this as the weakest point, I am still intrigued because of the arcane nature of it. Mathematics is generally thought to be clear, absolute and objective. While here, Hilbert and Al-Ghazali have argued in the abstract and hypothetical. Unfortunately, in doing so, I feel they fail to decisively rebut the argument that the Universe has an infinite past and therefore has no beginning.

The Strongest Point — The Resurrection

The strongest argument within the chapters of On Guard is the argument for the resurrection of Jesus. The premise of this argument is with the evidence of Jesus’ burial. And immediately Craig answers the question, how does the fact of Jesus’ burial prove that His tomb was found empty? Well his answer for that is: “If the burial story is basically accurate, then the location of Jesus’ tomb was known in Jerusalem to both Jew and Christian alike, since both were present when Jesus was laid in the tomb. But in that case, the tomb must have been empty when the disciples began to preach that Jesus was risen.”

The point is that the no one, not even the disciples could have believed in Jesus’ resurrection if His corpse still lay in the tomb. If they would have preached His resurrection while His body was still in the tomb, they would have been immediately discredited. What is remarkable about the early days of the Christian faith is that it flourished in the very city Jesus had been publicly crucified. If Jesus body was still in that tomb, or if there was any credibility to the ideas that there was a conspiracy about someone taking his body, there would not have been such a following so quickly.

Craig goes on to discuss the independent reports of the empty tomb and its discovery. The early sources that are used by the Gospel writers didn’t end with Jesus’ burial but with the women’s discovery of Jesus’ empty tomb. First century women were not regarded as credible witnesses. The Jewish historian Josephus describes the rules for an admissible testimony by saying, “Let not the testimony of women be admitted, on account of the levity and boldness of their sex” (Antiquities IV.8.15). This isn’t a biblical regulation but one of 1st century Judaic society. If the empty tomb were a legend, these independent reports and the Gospel narrative would have been altered to make the story more credible to the society at large. Instead we have an unaltered, accurate eye witness testimony that speaks for itself.

Would You Recommend as a Gift?

I would recommend this as a gift to both a Christian and a non-Christian. For the believer, this book is great reference material for study and for equipping oneself to defend their faith from doubt and from arguments that they will eventually encounter.

For the non-Christian, I think this is also a great book for reference. Especially someone in the fields of philosophy, cosmology, mathematics or even theology. I think William Lane Craig might be a polarizing figure to someone who does not have the same faith and so it may be a book used to criticize the Christian worldview, nevertheless it presents a logical and historical reason for our faith in God and his son Jesus.


On Guard by William Lane Craig will cause you to think about the Universe, time and space, the existence of life and many other “big” concepts. Back on earth, he discusses who Jesus was, whether he did rise from the dead and whether he claimed to be the only way to God. Is this a book that you would read through in a week? Absolutely not! You will want to absorb the content and ruminate over its arguments. Whether you are willing to do that now or later, this would a great addition to your library.

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Starting Over, Again.

I would like to say that this is my first post on my first blog. But it isn’t. What I mean to say is that I have had previous sites on previous platforms in my not to distant past that were not well invested in and were never intended to be nothing more than an online contact form, with no real investment. Well, I am starting over, again.

What to Expect

What you can expect to find here, are a variety of thoughtful and informational articles and posts. Some will be purely technical in nature, ranging from how to backup your data and run a PowerShell script, while other posts may include excerpts from different papers I have written on theological topics like; Predestination.

Well those topics are completely unrelated!”, you might say. And in some ways I would agree with you. However, I think that this site may be the small corner of the web that treats these subjects as relatable. For instance, in my current role as a Tech and Media Coordinator for my church, I come across many examples of where technology and theology meet.

One example is in the receiving of tithes, offerings and other gifts from church members and visitors in an electronic form. Questions that arise are; Should we use technology to enable visitors and members to give to the church? Are we encouraging the use of credit cards which is technically borrowed funds? What about the fees incurred, is that a good use of people’s gifts? Isn’t tithing an act of worship and not just sending a text message?

I don’t intend on answering those questions just yet, but maybe you can consider this post a teaser or introduction to some of the topics I will address. Of course, if you are simply looking for help from me as a consultant, that will always be available by reaching out to me here.

For the sake of transparency, there will be affiliate links associated with many of my posts here. Those links will hopefully benefit my family financially.

Thank you for stopping by. Please do visit again soon!