5 Reasons to use WordPress.com

5 Reasons to use WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a different product from WordPress.org. It is the same great WordPress Content Management System but in a managed environment by the creators of the WordPress platform, Automattic. Here are 5 reasons to consider using WordPress.com.

#1 | No cPanel

Yes that’s right. No WHM, no Plesk and definately no cPanel. I apologize to whoever is reading this and loves cPanel. For anyone who is not a Systems Administrator or Web Developer, cPanel is just not an intuitive tool to use.

cPanel on iPad

Courtesy of cpanel.com

If you don’t know what cPanel is, it is a Control Panel for your hosted environment. cPanel is a software layer that stands between you and your installed WordPress software. It’s only useful for when you want to manually customize your hosting environment which most environment don’t need to do. WordPress.com takes care of this for you and let’s you focus on your actual web site.

#2 | Secure Socket Layer

Today, when you visit this and many other websites, you will notice an https:// in front of the site name. Other hosting providers do offer the necessary SSL certificates to enable HTTPS access to your site. Usually it is for an extra fee but sometimes it is included. And in most cases, that certificate it is not automagically installed. You have to do it yourself.


To see what it would be like to install an SSL certificate, check out these instructions from another hosting provider. After you have generated your new CSR code and cleaned up the mess from smashing your screen, you can start over with WordPress.com and boom, it’s already done.

SSL on WordPress.com

#3 | Support

Support is very important for anyone looking to use a paid service and being able to reach a human being quickly for help is essential. In addition to real people being available, their support page is packed with help articles, tutorials and forum entries with just about every scenario you can think of.

WordPress support.

Courtesy of WordPress.com

If you do need to speak with a live person, you can click on the Get Help button and enter a live chat with one of their Happiness Engineers.

Visit WordPress Support

#4 | JetPack

JetPack is the one-click simple security service for WordPress sites. Yes, JetPack is available for self-hosted WordPress sites, but it is part of the WordPress.com environment. Website security can be cumbersome, but it shouldn’t be and that’s where JetPack comes in.


Provided by JetPack.com

JetPack adds all the extra stuff that is necessary for your website to function well. It covers Content Delivery Networks, Point in Time Backups, Malware protection, Brute Force Protection, SPAM filtering, Software Updates and much more.

Learn more about JetPack

#5 | Apps

This is not something exclusive to WordPress, however, it does require you have a WordPress.com account in order to use their apps. There are only a handful of other web services who support desktop applications to update their sites. Now, for a web developer writing their own code, they can use IDEs, FTP clients and Creative Suites that run natively on the desktop. But for Content Managers using Web Builders, there isn’t much out there.

WordPress.com Apps

Provided by apps.wordpress.com

WordPress.com provides apps for Windows, iOS and Android. You can run the app from just about any device and make updates or changes on the fly.

Learn more about WordPress Apps


Let us know what you think in the comment section and let us know if these reasons might be enough to move your business or organization to WordPress.com. If you are looking to make a switch, start a new site or have a question, let us know.

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